5 One-on-One Live Inter-Active Masterclasses With Helene Anne To Enhance Your Life

1 ) THRIVING AS A HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON ($110) • 2) YOUR 5 ELEMENT BLUEPRINT ($125) • 3) THE ART OF ENERGY ($110) • 4) CREATIVITY: YOUR JOURNEY HOME ($110) • 5) DIGITAL ARTS/PHOTO MASTERCLASS ($125) • (Taxes will be charged based on country of origin • i.e., Canadian clients will be charged tax separately; US and European clients will not.)


#1 OH BOTHER! (Tools for Anxiety) ($75) • #2 KICKING THE WORRY/OVER-THINKING HABIT (with Easy to Learn Techniques) ($75) • #3 FOOD FOR LIFE (via the Chinese Medicine Lens) ($125) • #4 VISIONS & DREAMS (Planning your Future Brightly) ($110) • (Taxes will be charged based on country of origin • i.e., Canadian clients will be charged tax separately; US and European clients will not.)

Meet Helene Anne

How do I create a life filled with creativity, celebrating people through portraiture and mentoring others along their own creative path... Recipient of a Governor General of Canada's Medal, winner of the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and an Eden Method Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) and Teacher is quite a complex legacy, not to mention the 1000s of portraits created in my Wakefield Studio. In this zen-like setting, in a picture-perfect village in Quebec Canada, I became one of Canada's leading portrait photographers (www.portraitsofyourlife.com). From here I offer Highly Sensitive People Mentoring, Creativity Coaching, Digital Arts/Photo Masterclasses and a series of Well-being Workshops plus I mentor clients across North America on a regular basis (see www.creativemarketmagic.com for details). A few years ago one of my clients said that my life was like a 'living prayer". Know that I approach all with that same depth and love. I so look forward to working with you. Thank you for being here.

3 Foundational Courses

with Helene Anne Fortin

There are 3 Foundational Courses that everyone should take: #1) The Art of Energy ($110) • #2) Your 5 Element Blueprint ($125) • #3) Thriving as a Highly Sensitive Person ($110) . They are the basis of self-understanding, growing and knowing who you really are. All are one-on-one classes with Helene Anne via Zoom.

3 Feeding the Spirit Courses

with Helene Anne Fortin

Feeding the Spirit courses go deep and explore what connects you to your greatest happiness. They are: #1) Creativity: Your Journey Home ($110) • #2) Visions & Dreams (a future-planning workshop) ($110) • #3) Digital Arts & Photo Masterclass/Skill-Sharing ($125). All are one-on-one classes with Helene Anne via Zoom.

3 Nurturing your Body, Quietening the Mind Courses

with Helene Anne Fortin

This series is where you learn how to control your body’s emotions and strengthen its well-being with simple tools and techniques. All are one-on-one classes with Helene Anne via Zoom. They are: #1) Kicking the Worry/Over-Thinking Habit (So destructive to the body and you’ll learn why) ($75) • #2 Food for Life (a new approach to eating foods for emotional stability, longevity and health via the Chinese Medicine lens) ($110) • #3 Oh Bother! (Brilliant and easy to learn tools for anxiety) ($75)


Is there something missing in your life? Do you have a dream/vision yet to be materialized? Are you ready for your next evolution/reinvention? As your coach, I guide you every step of the way, along your amazing journey home. Using your existing tools and gathered skills, we create a focussed plan for you to reach the full potential of your brilliant self. This work encompasses body, mind and spirit. The outcome therefore becomes more meaningful, effective and powerful…”life changing” say my clients. Interested in my Mentorship Programme, view details at: www.creativemarketmagic.com

Testimonials from Clients

  • "Words fall short when I write about how much Helene Anne's mentorship means to me. To sit down and have a conversation with Helene Anne is life-changing. I have always kept my creativity on the sidelines, not quite knowing how to fit it into my personal life or apply it in my professional career. Since working with Helene Anne I finally feel I'm coming home to my true self. So grateful for the kind support and mentorship she offers." M.S.

  • "I have been working with Helene Anne regularly for 1.5 years. She is one of the most incredible women I know: smart, intuitive, caring and a character! Her highly successful and effective brand of mentoring combines working with the body’s energies, the brain (creativity at its finest) and the heart (our soul home and most sacred centre). When all of these channels are open and fluid (Helene Anne’s job that she does oh so well!) we move to a place of authenticity and strength, communicative spirit and reach many. Working with this small powerhouse of a lady is the best investment you could ever make." V.C.

  • "I must say, today was such a blessing. I still feel a calmness, with the excitement of our time together... I have been seeking a mentor for some time. Not really knowing how to or who I should seek out but as the universe does, it set me on a path leading to your zen-like studio in the Gatineau hills. I just have the best time with you. So enlightening, so inspiring, so comforting and safe… like coming home. Not only do I feel a beautiful kinship with you, you have made my visions clearer and valid/worthy enough to bring to life.” B.D.

I invite you to tea via Zoom or Google Meet

I invite you to a 15-minute visit to get to know who I am and how I can serve you best. This gives you a chance to meet me without obligation. Simply send an email to: [email protected] marking in the subject line: Requesting Zoom/Google Meet with Helene Anne.

Specify your best time and date for this virtual meeting and I will do my best to meet your needs. Note: I work with many international clients in both French and English languages.

Because of Covid our world is getting more connected via these virtual spaces. When the world is healthier, I look forward to meeting you in person. Stay well.

Watch Intro Video

Virtual Mini-Group Workshops (Limited to 3 only)

For budget-conscious clients, I offer mini-group workshops in 3 areas: Creativity, Oh Bother! (Tools for Anxiety) or Energy. Select one only. Limited to 3 participants. Simply show up via Zoom for these live, inter-active teachings crafted to your needs. Or plan a Pandemic Tea Party with two friends at your selected time. Choose your topic, and from the comfort of your home, drink tea and learn. Contact Helene Anne Fortin at 819 459.2161 or [email protected] for details.