Energy is everything. If you get control of your energy you can start the healing process that your body, mind and Spirit longs to experience. Helene Anne

What happens in THE ART OF ENERGY Masterclass?

You will learn personalized techniques to better handle stress, to build strength/vitality and to experience a greater sense of well-being so that you can move forward with grace.

  • In this unique class, we explore energy as a tool for enhanced vitality and happiness. We examine an exciting alternate view of health and well-being.

  • Learn easy tools and techniques from the Art of Energy Curriculum to deal with day-to-day anxiety or pain.

  • Receive detailed hand-outs/links to references/bibliography about what you are learning.

  • Develop one-on-one personalized skills depending on your needs.

  • Follow-up check-in with Helene Anne.

9 Virtual Masterclasses to Empower, Enrich and Energize

"I have been working with Helene Anne regularly for 1.5 years. She is one of the most incredible women I know: smart, intuitive, caring and a character! Her highly successful and effective brand of mentoring combines working with the body’s energies, the brain (creativity at its finest) and the heart (our soul home and most sacred centre)." V.C.


  • What will I learn in this class?

    An extensive set of techniques that will empower your body, mind and Spirit. Gathered from ancient knowledge and the training found in the Eden Method, these joyful and easy-to-learn tools will enhance your well-being.

  • Is it hard to learn?

    No. Easy. Very empowering with the right teacher.

  • Can I have multiple sessions with Helene Anne as my Guide?

    Yes. Often clients are so excited by what they have learned and the new well-being they are experiencing, they choose to work bi-weekly to keep expanding their joy, self-awareness and knowledge. The best thing is to try out one session. Many are also choosing to take a second Masterclass to further refine their self-knowledge and life skills or going into my mentoring programme (details:

About Helene Anne

Helene Anne Fortin, in her 70s, is a wise elder who loves working with people to empower them to be all they can be. She lives in a picture-perfect village called Wakefield in Quebec (Canada) where she has become one of Canada's leading portrait photographers winning many accolades for her work (View portrait work: Recipient of a Governor General of Canada's Medal, winner of the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and an Eden Method Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) and Teacher (EMTT) is quite a complex legacy, not to mention the 1000s of portraits created in her Wakefield Studio. She mentors many including Highly Sensitive People. She also offers Creativity Coaching and other Well-Being Workshops to her students and followers alike. (View mentoring details at: Someone once told Helene Anne that her life was like a 'living prayer.' Helene Anne approaches all that she does with that same depth and love.


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