What You Will Learn in the Digital Arts/Photo Masterclass

With Helene Anne's step-by-step process and with her as your Guide, you will transform your photographs into powerful messages.

  • This is a very personal look into your photography with Helene Anne as your gentle guide. This teacher of note will lead you to a deeper level of seeing with suggestions and tools to help bring your art to a new level because of your enhanced vision.

  • Learn how to develop a kind but critiquing eye, i.e., a unique methodology to read photographs via their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Made to fit all: Personalized learning dependant on your level of expertise and knowledge of the tools available.

  • Learn Helene Anne's tried and true step-by-step process to create powerful artworks.

  • Spend approx. 2 hrs. with this Creative Master and award-winning photographer.

  • Should this meet your needs, explore how to paint in the digital arts... It is incredibly exciting to explore the potential of the new painting softwares. This advanced level of teaching requires a good knowledge of Photoshop or similar programmes.

  • Follow-up check-in with Helene Anne.

9 Virtual Masterclasses to Empower, Enrich and Energize

"My goal : To empower you to see your greatness, to experience more joy in your life and teach you whatever skills you need to come home." Helene Anne

Why I love to teach Digital Arts & Photo Masterclasses?

The gift of seeing enhances not only your photography but your life. You become more connected to beauty.  You get to know yourself better.  And you can share what you see with the world. 

Via the magic of Screen-Share, you will learn the exact process I use for every image I create. As one client put it,  "A fascinating journey into celebrating my photography with the guiding hands of a Creative master."

About Helene Anne

Recipient of a Governor General of Canada's Medal, winner of the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and an Eden Method Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) and Teacher (EMTT) is quite a complex legacy, not to mention the 1000s of portraits created in her Wakefield Studio. Helene Anne Fortin is wise elder and Creative Master who loves working with people to empower them to be all they can be. Helene Anne lives in a picture-perfect village called Wakefield in Quebec (Canada) where she has become one of Canada's leading portrait photographers (www.portraitsofyourlife.com). She also mentors Highly Sensitive People and artists and just regular folks as well as offering well-being workshops to help people thrive (details: www.creativemarketmagic.com). Someone once told her that her life was like a 'living prayer.' Helene Anne approaches all that she does with that same depth and love.

FAQs About This Digital Arts/Photo Masterclass

  • What photographs will Helene Anne help me with?

    Any kind. Your landscape images. Your family photographs. They can be your favourite ones, or those that you find problematic.

  • How do we work so that I can see what you are doing?

    We work virtually via Zoom or Google Meet. I will share my screen with you and together we will rework your photographs layer by layer. I will teach you my process. Or we undertake together a portfolio review of your work. Please know what a privilege it is for me to be allowed into your visual world no matter your level of seeing or knowledge.

  • Can I have multiple sessions with you as my Guide?

    Yes. Often clients are so excited by what they have learned they book a second session or they sometimes move into my Creativity Mentoring programme where they learn new tools to deepen their vision and productivity. The best thing is to try out one session. Many are also choosing to take a second Masterclass to deepen their well-being and further refine their life skills or going into my mentoring programme (details: www.creativemarketmagic.com).


Simply send an email to: [email protected] or call my Studio at 819 459.2161

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