With Helene Anne as your guide, you will gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, skills and how Creativity is critical to your well-being.

  • This Masterclass is a deep dive into The Creative You. Here you will learn why Creativity is a key ingredient to a more joy-filled and satisfying life.

  • Made to fit all: Personalized learning dependant on your level of expertise, knowledge and needs.

  • Here you will develop an understanding of how the Creative brain functions and how it differs from your logical brain (that often prohibits you from being Creative). You will learn tools to quell your negative brain and to move into a creative-patterned life.

  • Spend 1.5 hours+ with this Creative Master exploring your dreams and visions.

  • Receive your copy of Helene Anne's Guidebook: 6 Steps to Better Creativity.

  • Follow-up check-in with Helene Anne.

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"When you create, you dive into a deep comfortable place of peace." Helene Anne


  • What's Creativity? And how do you define the work that you do?

    I believe that creativity is the dream of the heart being translated into action. The act of creating comes from within. It connects you more deeply to a richer, more satisfying life, one with greater focus and meaning. Eventually it gets mirrored out to the world through your vision, your talent, your skills, your life experiences and (knowingly or unknowingly) your mission in life.

  • Who would benefit from taking this Masterclass?

    You. Is there something missing in your life? Do you have a dream/vision yet to be materialized? Are you ready for your next evolution/reinvention? Then perhaps this Masterclass is the start of your journey home. As your Creativity Coach, I guide you every step of the way. Using your existing tools and gathered skills, and, time permitting, we start to create a focussed plan for you to reach full potential.

  • Can I have multiple sessions with you as my Guide?

    Yes. Often my clients are so excited by what they have learned, they choose to work bi-weekly to keep expanding their self-knowledge and learning more techniques to enrich their lives. The best thing is to try out one session. Many take a second Masterclass to further refine their self-knowledge and life skills or enter into my mentoring programme (details: www.creativemarketmagic.com).

"To have a conversation with Helene Anne is life-changing. I have always kept my Creativity on the sidelines, not quite knowing how to fit it into my personal life or apply it in my professional career. Since working with Helene Anne (as a mentor) I finally feel I'm coming home to my true self. So grateful for the kind support and mentorship she offers." M.S.

Your Free Guidebook

6 Steps to Better Creativity

All participants in the CREATIVITY: YOUR JOURNEY HOME Masterclass will receive a free copy of Helene Anne's 20-page Guidebook.

About Helene Anne

How did I create a life filled with creativity, celebrating people through portraiture and mentoring others along their own creative path... Recipient of a Governor General of Canada's Medal, winner of the Grand Prize for Canadian Geographic Magazine and an Eden Method Certified Practitioner (EEM-CP) and Teacher (EMTT) is quite a complex legacy, not to mention the 1000s of portraits created in my Wakefield Studio. In this zen-like setting, in a picture-perfect village in Quebec Canada, I became one of Canada's leading portrait photographers (www.portraitsofyourlife.com). It is also from here that I offer Highly Sensitive People Mentoring, Creativity Coaching, Digital Art/Photo Masterclasses, a number of Well-being Workshops and mentor many. (View details: www.creativemarketmagic.com). Many years ago I was told that my life was like a 'living prayer.' Know that I approach all with that same depth and love. I so look forward to working with you.


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